Industrial Land


Lot 1 - Tui Products

The first lot of the industrial development on the  6 hectare block next the TrustPower by way of long-term lease to Tui Products is well underway with the infrustructure now in place and the buildings slowly taking shape.  Tui Products are looking to open its doors in March/April 2014.

Lot 2 

The second lot of the industrial development on the 6 hectare block next the TrustPower has recently been signed off by way of long-term lease.    



Committee of Management

The AGM was held on 17 September 2016 and saw Kevin Haua re-elected onto the Committee of Management. Your current Committee of Management are Kevin Haua (chair), Neil Te Kani (deputy), Wakata Kingi, Victoria Kingi and Paula Werohia.

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Education Grants

The 2017 Education Grant applications closed on 17 February 2017. Thank you to all those who submitted applications. We received a total of 35 applications. The applicants can expect to hear the outcome of their application in writing within the next few weeks.

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2016/2017 Dividends and Kaumatua Grants

The 2016/2017 dividends and kaumatua grants (distributed to those aged 65yrs+ upon application) have been paid to those shareholders with known addresses and current bank account details and have dividends owing to them over over $10.00. If you live overseas and we have your postal address, payment will be disbursed to in the new year. If you have any queries, please contact the office.

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Our Vision

The shareholders of Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporation and their whanau enjoy maximum benefits from their shareholding.

Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporation