Kiwifruit Orchards

For the last 3 years Steve Law has managed the Mangatawa Kiwifruit orchards and over the last 2 years has been instrumental in developing a further 10 hectares that will be G3 Gold producing.  This will take our total orchard area up to 30 hectares, 20 Haywood & 10 G3 gold.

The 2017-2018 strategy for the kiwifruit orchards is to cut-over a further 3 hectares of Haywood in the top front orchard and start the next new stage of development of further 3 ha of G3 gold, unless Zespri release another better drop by 2018.

Steve has flagged that due to his own orchard commitment’s he will only be available for the next 1 year to help Mangatawa to complete the new developments.

Orchard Manager Ray Gordon was employed in 2017 and was primeraly responsible for mangaement of the Haywood orchards. As the new G3 orchard's are starting to produce Ray is also resposible for themanagement of those. 

Ray has achieved another good year’s income, although due to the long, wet winter last year followed by an extremely dry summer fruit numbers, particularly with our Hayward-green were down compared to last year and later to harvest. The good news was most of our G3- gold fruit achieved early start that boosted our returns. There was excellent TZG, taste however, in some blocks our reject rate was quite high due to ‘sooty mould’ which again wasn’t helped by the weather enabling this disease to grow more than previous years.

Unfortunately, we lost our Trainee manager Kempton this year, through a mixture of illness and unforeseen circumstances. We wish Kempton all the very best for his future endeavours and thank Ray & Seeka Maori Liaison Manager, Rhys Rushton for their continued support, time and effort in managing our orchards. We recently started a new cadet Waatatoi Makarauri, who is coming along very nicely. Waata is one of our share-holders sons and mokopuna of past trustee Rangi McLeod.



Committee of Management

Your current Committee of Management are Kevin Haua (chair), Neil Te Kani (deputy), Wakata Kingi, Victoria Werohia and Paula Werohia.

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Education Grants and Scholarships 2020

Education Grants and Scholarships

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Chairmans Report

12 years ago, the landscape of Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporated is a lot different to what you see now. The Committee of Management had moved on from leasing our whenua to those who simply used the whenua for their own purposes and paid a pittance for it.

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Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Inc - Maori Land Court Hearing

Notice of Application For Hearing Truman Lane Industrial Subdivision - Mainfreight Additional Area (Stage 2)

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