Mangatawa Farms


John Walker of Ngati Kahungunu has been with Mangatawa for going on 9 years and is responsible for the Management of the Mangatawa Farm and a leased 35 ha. farm in Welcome Bay.

John and his wife Tangi, also of Ngati Kahungunu, have 4 sons and a daughter and are the proud grandparents to 3 mokopuna -3 boys and 1 girl.  John’s great love besides his whanau & cows, is FISHING. Its not very often John will take a week-end day off or, we have to force him to take his well over-due annual leave but you can bet when he is not on the farm, he is fishing.

The farm continues to improve with the normal husbandry requirements, fertilizers, sprays, noxious weed removal, fencing, under-sowing and growing on of our calves.  Due to the long dry spell last summer and the summer of 2018-2019 the rain relief at the end of this past summer was a welcome relief.  Although stock sales were challenging after Christmas with prices falling, it has been good to see cattle prices rising over the last few months.  

Cleaning out of the drains, the continuation of fencing off water ways to keep the stock back and the removal of barbary and gorse, plus other noxious weeds, has been a big part of Farm Maintenance over the last 6 months.  Noxious weed removal is an ongoing necessity and the use of a helicopter is brought in every three years to spray off the top and sides of Mangatawa Maunga.  

Winter has continued to see good falls of rain and grass keeps growing even though temps remain high, especially for this time of year.  250 bales of hay was made this year which assists in feeding the stock when the grass gets sparce during the long dry, hot spells of Summer.

Unfortunately, dogs continue to come over from Kairua Rd and are responsible for the maiming and deaths of fourteen of our calves this past year.  There is a “NO DOG” policy within the papakainga and those persons found with dogs on the farm are asked to remove them, or if dogs are found worrying our stock they are shot on site.

The Environmental Sustainability Project – is making good progress with the removal of flax plants sourced from up behind the old nursery buildings.  The team responsible for this work have done a great job with over 4000 flax being planted to date.  They are responsible for the splitting and preparation of the flax, transporting them and digging holes for re-planting along the sides of the main stream and smaller water-ways within the farm.            

Special thanks to the team: Supervisor Tumanako McLeod, Kini Kakau, Uira Walker, Te Ngare Ake Ake, Edward Taite.                                                                

Cattle prices in the couple of months have started to lift and will continue in to spring and beyond according to live stock agents. With this demand we will continue to sell stock both through the sales yards and from the farm. There has been an increasing demand for the bulls on our farms and there has been a lot of them sold to farm’s in the Hawkes Bay recently.  We look forward to the predictions of sales agents that prices will remain steady to increasing for the next 2-3 months.

We have taken a lease on a 35-acre block over in Welcome Bay and a further 9 Ha block to ensure our stock are getting enough feed. Agriculture was also named an Essential Service during level 4 of the Covid 19 lockdown. 




Committee of Management

Your current Committee of Management are Kevin Haua, Neil Te Kani, Wakata Kingi, Victoria Werohia and Paula Werohia.

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Whakawhanaungatanga Weekend

Whakawhanaungatanga Weekend 11th - 13th June 2021 Maungatapu Marae

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Community Panui - Centennial Celebration

On the 4th-7th of June at Tahuwhakatiki Marae, we will be celebrating 100 years since the arrival of TW Ratana te Mangai to Tauranga Moana.

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