Kiwifruit Orchards

Mangatawa Orchard Manager, Ray Gordon was employed in 2017 and was primarily responsible for management of the Haywood orchards,

Ray then took over the Management of the 10 Ha Sungold -G3 covered block & .09ha of the uncovered G3 Block on completion of the development.

The Mangatawa Kiwifruit Canopy consists of 21.46 ha of Haywood Green and 12.71 ha of Sun Gold/G3.

Covid-19 had no effect on the orchard except during ‘lockdown when government announced Kiwifruit as part of ‘essential services’.

All of our Sun Gold met the early start dates time-frames and also 27,000 trays of Haywood.

The normal husbandry requirements includes regular mowing and weed spraying, fruit thinning, Summer and Winter pruning and shelters trimmed and mulched.

This year ‘shelter fringes’ were also trimmed to help address the ‘sooty mould’ to try keep the rejects down.

There are “No Health and Safety” incidents to report in our orchards this year

Avocado Orchard


The Avocado orchard consists of just under 1 hectare, with 49 trees planted.  Some of these tress were originally planted

20-30 years ago and hence the reason for the pruning that started earlier this year.  The second prune has just been completed.

This has reduced the height of the tees considerably which means we will not have to pay for ‘high cherry pickers’ in the future,

or if we do they will certainly not be as high or expensive.

Our harvest this year has resulted in 24 bins at approximately $900.00 per bin.  Add on those that were stolen and that would have

been another 5 bins, work out what it’s costing us, share-holders with these petty thieves and add it all up, it doesn’t look good.  

We have fenced off nearly half of the Avo area and will shortly fence off the other half, security camera’s will also be installed.

Dumping of Rubbish

Unfortunaely this is still a fairly regular occurance.  Why we don’t know?  There was one ‘old chap’ that I spoke to though who told me

that one of our share-holders had given him permission, to that person and you know who you are, this is not just your land it belongs

to another 800 plus other owners.

The ‘transfer station’ is within a kilometer of the main entry into Mangatawa and yet people drive right past the ‘transfer station’ to dump

their rubbish here on our farm and in particulare behind the shelters of the back orchards



Committee of Management

Your current Committee of Management are Kevin Haua, Neil Te Kani, Wakata Kingi, Victoria Werohia and Paula Werohia.

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Whakawhanaungatanga Weekend

Whakawhanaungatanga Weekend 11th - 13th June 2021 Maungatapu Marae

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Community Panui - Centennial Celebration

On the 4th-7th of June at Tahuwhakatiki Marae, we will be celebrating 100 years since the arrival of TW Ratana te Mangai to Tauranga Moana.

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Single Business Units