Dividends for 2019 have been paid to all shareholders with known addresses and current bank account details. Please contact the MPBI office if you have not received your dividend payment as your details will require updating.  MPBI has a signification number of Estate shareholdings.  Dividends can not be paid out to Estates.  Please contact the Secretary, Sarah at the MPBI office 07 574 8366 for information and assistance with Maori Land Court successions.

Unclaimed Dividends -  If you have not received your dividend and you are a shareholder or whanau trust / trustee please contact the office with your updated address and bank account details. There are 489 shareholders that we are holding unclaimed dividends for, a total of $318,627.32. If your mother or father or grand-parents where shareholders and you have not succeeded to those shares, our staff is more than happy and capable of assiting you with the process. Please phone the Incorporation secretary for an appointment Ph: 07 574 8366  


Committee of Management

Your current Committee of Management are Kevin Haua, Neil Te Kani, Wakata Kingi, Victoria Werohia and Paula Werohia.

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Whakawhanaungatanga Weekend

Whakawhanaungatanga Weekend 11th - 13th June 2021 Maungatapu Marae

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Community Panui - Centennial Celebration

On the 4th-7th of June at Tahuwhakatiki Marae, we will be celebrating 100 years since the arrival of TW Ratana te Mangai to Tauranga Moana.

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