We’ve collaborated a 3-step process to help simplify the process to succession

STEP 1 – Collecting your documents

All you need is

            - A succession form which can be found below

            - a copy of the will (if there is one) or Probate Orders.

            - a copy of the death certificate (if you do not have one, click here)

            - $60 cheque (for $5 you can exchange your cash at any bank)

            - Stamped envelop


STEP 2 – Filling in the form

This process can be daunting but please know that our office staff are here to assist you if you need help at any stage. You can make an appointment with our secretary by calling our office.

Maori Land Court-choose the closest region to you, here are the Districts broken down to help find the one closest to you. 


To ensure that you and your siblings/whanau are the rightful people to be succeeding to the whenua, the form has numerous patai about the whakapapa of your loved one. For example, their Parents, Siblings, Tamariki and Past and present Spouses. The more information the court has, the faster the process.

There is also an option for your whanau to establish a whanau trust which helps keep shares from being diluted through the generations.

To start a Whanau trust, the whanau must first call a meeting of the ‘whanau’ entitled to succeed. Minutes, Attendance Lists (Including tamariki) and date of birth documentation must be included when submitting application to MLC. For more information please visit the Maori Land Court Website

Once your form/s have been filled in with the attachments and sent to the Maori Land Court, it’s a matter of waiting for your court hearing. 

Note: Please ensure that you add Mangatawa Papamoa Block Inc to your succession form.


STEP 3 – Court Hearing

The Maori Land Court will notify you in writing as to when the hearing is to be called not long after they have received your application for ‘succession documents”.

A court hearing is most times, simple. You and/or your whanau turn up 30 minutes before your hearing and someone will meet you outside the court room to confirm the details of the succession, you and your whanau names & contact details are taken down by the court aid.

You and/or your whanau will stand before the Judge where s/he confirms all of the details of your succession. If all goes well and there is no one apposed to the succession then the hearing is quick.

If whanau are bigger or there are complications within whanau, there is a chance the hearing could go longer. For Whanau Trusts, ensure all the nominated trustees are present for the MLC Hearing.

All shares are split equally amongst all children, including whangai, depending on the situation (unless, of course, you've opted for the whanau trust, then all shares will be put in there)

Once your court hearing is complete, it’s a matter of waiting for your ‘MLC Succession Orders’ to be mailed out to you and your whanau. 

To speed up the process, we encourage you to do your research. Find the Trusts/Incorporations you have succeeded to, copy and send your succession minutes to those Trusts/Incorporation's so that they can adjust their share-holder register to reflect the succession orders. They will also pay out any ‘unclaimed dividends owed to you and/or your Whanau Trust. You will need to include your contact details, bank account number, IRD number and a copy of  birth certificate's.

Otherwise, take a seat and congratulate yourself on for completing the Succession proccess. 




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