A Tribute to Peter Cross

12 May 2020

Maringi Noa Nga Roimata, Mou Kua Wehea Nei

It is with great sadness we mourn the loss of a great man Peter Cross

I wish to extend to you our heartfelt gratitude for the years of hard work you have carried out on our behalf.

From the first day that you and Graham knocked on our door some 13 years ago and offered to build ‘Pacific Coast Retirement Village in a ‘joint venture, right up until 4 weeks ago when you were involved with the Mt Engineering lease, it has been an absolute pleasure in having you involved as our ‘industrial development project manager’.

Not forgetting your work in the first stage industrial development and securing of the ‘long-term’ leases for Tui Landscape Supplies and Stadium Storage, then you  and your beautiful wife, Sharon’s involvement with our ‘2 bedroom Kaumatua housing development and our friendship that has evolved from there.

When I look at the sign on Truman Lane that says ‘Mangatawa Industrial Park’, right next door to the Mainfrieght building and the soon to commence McLeod Cranes & Mt Engineering buildings I will always remember our friend Peter Cross.  I will be reminded of your skill and expertise when dealing with ‘potential clients, Lawyers, Engineers, Maori Land Court & council and your transparency with our share-holders, all the while embracing our ‘tikana and culture’.

With the development of the retirement villages, the industrial developments and Kaumatua housing your work has been recognized as a large part of the increase in the value of our ‘land and assets’. Mangatawa has now become one of the ‘leading Maori Incorporations in New Zealand, Aotearoa; that has enabled the ensuring of our business for the benefit of our share-holders for years to come.


Your value as a ‘consultant’ and long-term friend of Mangatawa will last forever.  Thank you Peter.

Naaku noa, na

Kevin J Haua


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A Tribute to Peter Cross

It is with great sadness we mourn the loss of a great man.

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